UNIGLOBE respects the interest of the following groups in pursuing her business objectives:

1. CLIENTS: With the utmost belief that without the clients the company's business objective cannot be achieved, UNIGLOBE therefore has the fundamental responsibility to attract and service the clients satisfactorily through quality and prompt service delivery.
2. EMPLOYEES: The company is also responsible to a satisfied workforce with safe and healthy working environment and respect for their rights. They are also given opportunity to explore the full potentials of their skills and talents with equal employment opportunity for Nigerians.
3. SOCIETY: The company is responsible to conduct her business within the ambit of the Nigerian laws, respecting the rights of individuals and the host communities with conscious observation of health, safety and environmental rules which is in line with the community development philosophy of the company based on mutual trust and collaborative development agenda.
4. CONTRACTORS: The company respects the rights of contractors and suppliers who engender the excellent service delivery goal. This is also in line with the business objective of seeking collaborations with competent and qualified agencies in achieving the goals.
5. SHAREHOLDERS: The company has the greatest responsibility to protect the shareholders interests and investments as well as ensure greater return on investment.


UNIGLOBE is competing in the marine and industrial services fields of the oil/gas sector where competence, quality and quick delivery are the essential ingredients for sustainability and high return on investment. The company is also committed to bring about greater value to the Nigerian oil/gas and development sectors, the host communities and ensure a sustainable environment. The company promotes the free economy concept and abides by the laws of the land that guarantees fairness in business competition.


Logistics, marine & offshore security patrol vessel and industrial services are within the most complex services, especially in ensuring safe and profitable operations in the oil/gas and development sectors of any economy. Therefore clients often seek the services of very competent agencies and organizations that understand the principles of safety and economic profitability to engage in handling such critical assignments. UNIGLOBE thus relates with clients and customers based on her ability to handle such services in accordance with the contractual agreements. This makes the company to carry out her business to the best standard operational anywhere in the world. Therefore the company has a staff with the requisite competence and qualifications to carry out her activities. It is the policy of the company to engage very qualified personnel irrespective of gender, tribe or race, but with emphasis on the Nigerian staff content who are given further professional upgrade to service our clients efficiently and satisfactorily.


UNIGLOBE is committed to healthy and safe workforce in her work locations and promotes the protection of the environment.


UNIGLOBE believes in the Nigerian laws in carrying out her operations. Therefore the company shall consistently maintain transparency, honesty, integrity, due process and accountability in the operations.

All corruptive tendencies shall be resisted and business transactions properly recorded and audited.


As a responsible corporate entity, UNIGLOBE apart from performing her business and economic responsibilities efficiently also has the duty of contributing to the social development of the host communities in a mutually beneficial manner.


UNIGLOBE believes in open communication between all stakeholders and promotes close relationship of all professionals for optimum performance. She also strives for open communication with clients, staff and the community.


UNIGLOBE is committed to continuously improving her operational performance so as to remain a choice support services firm in the economy of Nigeria and increase her return on investment overtime.


UNIGLOBE is committed to the Nigeria Local Content Policy. The company therefore complies with the general tenets of the policy with over 99% of the company's employee being Nigerians.